Design Your Own Panel

Design Your Own Panel

This page will walk you through designing your own custom panel in a step by step process while explaining the materials used and their pros and cons. 


DISCLAIMER: We offer very few options of Lime and Red panels which are the most traditional and popular options of panels. This is because they are offered through our sister company Reflective Inc. If you are looking for panels like these then please visit their store!


Step 1:

Choosing a size

First, you should decide what width and length panel you need. The most popular size is our 6"x72" but we can accommodate any width between 4" and 12" and any length. To be clear, the width is the height or the short end of the panel.

Step 2:

Choosing 4" or 6" Chevrons

Now you will have the option of choosing the widths of your chevron pieces. We offer 2 choices which are 4" and 6". You can fit more chevrons with 4" pieces though there will be a slight upcharge for this option.

Step 3:

Choosing a base color

We offer 7 Oralite V98 colors. We only use Oralite because they are the best as far as quality, lifespan, and reflectivity. Reflexite is the company that invented prismatic retroreflective tape which was then acquired by Orafol. Orafol continues to be innovators and industry trendsetters and we are very proud to use their material.

The 7 V98 colors that are offered are Fluorescent Lime, Red, Schoolbus Yellow, White, Fluorescent Orange, Blue, and Green.

Step 4:

Choosing your chevron colors

We create panels by either combining our V98 base material with an Oracal transparent film or a reflective Nikkalite Engineer grade film.

We use 2 different materials to achieve the multitude of options that we provide. These materials have different attributes and prices associated with them.

The 2 materials are Oracal 8300 Transparent Film and Nikkalite Engineer Grade. We offer 2 different materials because of the colors each offer and how each work.

The Oracal Transparent material is offered in Red, Green, Blue, and Orange. This film is not reflective. Instead it is transparent enough for the base V98 material to reflect through it.

Note: Some combinations of Oracal overlay will not pair well with the Orafol V98 material. For instance, a Lime Green V98 material paired with a Blue Oracal Overlay chevron will come out Green. Essentially the 2 colors mix. Keep that in mind when choosing materials.

Nikkalite Engineer Grade is a reflective material applied directly to the reflective Oralite V98. The colors offered are Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Gold, Yellow, and Red.

These colors reflect in their respective colors with the exception of black. Black reflects a bright white.

We also offer panels with 2 different color chevrons. We call these "Multi Color" panels. A popular combination is our V98 white with Blue and Red Orafol Overlay creating an American color combination. We refer to these as patriot panels.

We understand that it can be confusing with the different materials and how some work well with each other and others don’t. Thats why we are here to help. If you are ever unsure then just send us an email and we will be happy to help.

Step 5:

You're Done!

At this point you should've picked out a width and length, 4" or 6" chevrons, your base color, and your chevron color. All you need to do now is send us an email with this information and we will send you a quote.

Still don't see a combination that you're happy with? Email us about it and we will look into acquiring new material from our suppliers.



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