New York City Outdoor Dining Reflective Tape Regulation

New York City Outdoor Dining Reflective Tape Regulation

In July New York City imposed new regulations for outdoor and roadside seating. Many of these regulations are simple enough to understand except for the reflective tape requirement. Many people may not even know what a high-intensity retro-reflective tape is. In this article, we will go over which tapes will meet this requirement as well as where to buy them on our website.

Quote: "Marked with yellow high-intensity retro-reflective tape or reflectors"

All tapes shown below are offered in small quantities. No one else offers these high-quality materials in lengths less than 150 feet. We offer 5, 10, 20, and 30-foot lengths. You most likely won't need more than 30 feet of material for all corners of your outdoor seating.


Oralite V82 Yellow

New York City Yellow Reflective Tape V82 Regulation


Oralite V82 is a type 5 reflective film that is the absolute brightest yellow reflective tape on the market. It has a life span of 10 years and a candela of around 900. It is the sister material to Oralite SOLAS which is the brightest tape in the world. This material would more than exceed the requirements given by NYC inspectors.

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Oralite V98 Fluorescent Lime Yellow

NYC Restaurant Outdoor Seating Regulation Oralite V98

Oralite V98 Lime Yellow would be my personal choice since it is the preferred material used by fire departments across the nation and has a brighter fluorescent day time color. The candela rating for this material is about 750 which is still many times brighter than regulations call for. It is also a conformable material allowing it for wrap over small/minor curves and divots (not conformable enough for a 90-degree corner)

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HIP Yellow

HIP Yellow New York Restaurant Outdoor Regulation


A High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) is a type 4 reflective film is another great product to use. The strongest advantage of this tape is its ultra-vivid day time color. This is an air backed material instead of a single layer like the other materials listed. It has a candela of 360 and is rated for 10 years. This film is very stiff and hard making it harder to work with but more resilient to being beaten up on the street.

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Nikkalite ULG Yellow

Yellow ULG Nikkalite New York Restaurant Reflective Tape Regulation

Nikkaltite ULG Yellow is a type 3 material and is the tape you see on large traffic barrels. It is very bright at 250 candelas and rated to last 10 years. The best thing about this material is its ability to conform. It is a very flexible material that you could wrap a sharp corner with (though not recommended for best results). It is the least bright and cheapest tape that we carry that meets the high-intensity retro-reflective yellow regulation.

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