2" 3M DOT 983 "DIAMOND GRADE" 7"x11" & 6"x6"

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2" 3M 983 Diamond Grade Reflective Tape

6" x 6" or 7" x 11" Pattern

Sold in 5' 10' 20' & 30' Lengths

700+ Candelas

Super strong pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

Multi Layered Air Backed Prismatic Film

Guaranteed to meet or exceed all NHTSA requirements.

America’s highways are shared by both personal and commercial traffic and accidents involving these two vehicle types are often catastrophic. It is for this reason that the Federal government (NHTSA, DOT, FHSA) has established safety standards for large vehicles like Semi Trucks, Dump Trucks, and Buses. All of these safety standards include the addition of reflective conspicuity tape, allowing others to clearly see large vehicles at night on the highway and also when they are parked.