44 SOLAS 3/4" 1404 Oralite Dots M82

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Oralite SOLAS Conformable Prismatic Diamond Dots.  Easy peel and stick application.  Makes diamond plate compliant with NFPA 1901 standards.  Best quality dots on the market.  Made by Orafol USA.  Sheets of 44 - 3/4" dots. 

USCG Approved

SOLAS is the brightest tape in the world. SOLAS stands for Safety Of Life At Sea

We sell these in lots of 44 dots per sheet.

To install our reflective dots or circles you simply peel and stick to a clean, dry surface. You can use them in quantity to create stripes, letters, numbers, etc. You can also use them to increase visibility on doors and sliding trays.  Emergency vehicles use these dots in a variety of areas for night time visibility. Great for Bikes, Boats, ATVs, Trail Marking, Vehicles, and more.