DIY Motorcycle Chevron Kit

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Our motorcycle chevron panel kits are perfect for marking the rear of motorcycles or any other small vehicle such as ATV's or UTV's.   The stripes are 1.5" wide when measured diagonally. The panel kits are available in 11" x 16", 5.5" x 16" or 7.5" x 16" left slant and right slant. Each kit contains all the pieces necessary to create two panels, one left, and one right.  Simply apply, and trim.

Quantity 1 = 1 Kit with Custom Cut 1.5" Wide Lime and Red Reflective Pieces to Create Two Panels.  (Left and Right)

To order the correct size, measure the area you would like to stripe, and purchase the size that will cover the entire area that you want to stripe.  Each kit contains all the pieces you will need to create the design.  The design can be larger than your area and would simply be trimmed with an exacto knife after installation for a perfect fit.

To create a chevron pattern simply peel and stick the red and lime slants onto the pannier (saddlebags), press on, and trim around the perimeter with an Exacto knife.  (Alternate between red and lime slants.) We use only the finest Oralite V98 conformable material.  It is a softer vinyl-based prismatic film and is definitely the easiest reflective film to work with. It is a very popular film for fire departments.

V98 is incredibly reflective at night and highly visible during the day due to the prismatic design of the material and the fluorescent lime and red color combination.  Be seen for thousands of feet away for maximum safety.