Honda Fit Reflective Car Kit Oralite V98

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This product comes with extra material so that you get a perfect fit. A little trimming front and back with an Exacto is all that is needed. Also, you may need to bend the material slightly to achieve the bend on the front doors. The material is Oralite V98 and will bend to your needs

This Honda Fit graphic is made with Oralite (formerly Reflexite) V98 material and is an industry-standard for is durability and brightness. We off this decal in 7 different colors which are Blue, Fluorescent Lime, Red, Yellow, White, Green, and Fluorescent Orange.

This product is extremely bright and will increase both your daytime and nighttime visibility helping to keep you safe.

To apply, first clean the surface you wish to adhere to. Then place the pieces as shown in the pictures. You will need to bend the material slightly for the pinstripe that runs through the door handles or you can keep it straight. Oralite V98 is extremely forgiving allowing you to apply then take off and apply again. You will need to cut the pinstripes to the desired length as well.