Oralite FRA 224 Yellow 4" Squares

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Oralite FRA 224 Yellow 4" Squares Rail Car Train Reflective Tape

We sell these by the unit. Order however many you need by typing the quantity wanted in the box. Any orders over 1 will come in a strip or roll of tape where the 4" squares are kiss cut.

Oralite (formerly Reflexite) FRA stamped and approved Rail Car Train Reflective Conspicuity Tape. Compliant with FRA 224 regulations. We carry this tape in the standard yellow color. This material utilizes a very strong adhesive to assure a long service life. Invented and manufactured by Orafol.

 These simple peel and stick reflectors can be used in an endless variety of other applications where a thin, rugged, bright reflector is needed.  The adhesive used is highly aggressive and designed to keep the reflectors in place in the harshest of conditions.

Emergency vehicles use these in a variety of areas for nighttime visibility. Great for Bikes, Boats, ATVs, Trail Marking, Vehicles, Trailers, and more.