Oralite HIP Blue

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    This listing is for the Green. Blue is a vivid color often used on police vehicles. Check our store for our other colors.

    Our High-Intensity ASTM D4956 Type 4 Prismatic Tape (HIP) is 45% brighter than standard high-intensity glass bead tape at only a slightly higher price. This 10 year all weather film utilizes air backed prismatic technology which produces more "vivid" colors.  Simple peel and stick application. Best on smooth, flat surfaces. 

    We carry white, red, yellow, orange, blue, and green. This film has a tough glossy acrylic surface. Used to mark loading dock areas, bollards, gates, barricades, non-DOT regulated trailers and vehicles, etc... Available in 1", 2" by 5 foot or 10-foot rolls.
    • Type 4
    • Air-backed Prismatic
    • Rated for a 10-year outdoor life.
    • Visible for thousands of feet away versus hundreds with standard reflective tapes.
    • Very aggressive adhesive.  Peel, stick, and press on with a soft cloth. (Clean dry smooth surface)
    • Used to mark emergency vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, helmets, loading dock areas, bollards, poles, dumpsters, gates, barricades, tractor-trailers, and more.

      Reflective Tape Inventory Updated: Oct 31, 2020

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