Premium Horse Trailer Kit

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Please read the listing carefully to fully understand what you are ordering!

This kit is designed to be all that you need to keep you, your horses, and your horse trailer safe while on the road. The products you will be receiving will provide extreme rear end, side, and door visibility. Each product will be explained on its use, application, and purpose below. All products in this listing are for sale individually on this website.

This kit is the same as our Deluxe but without the Battenburg.

Every product in this kit is an Oralite brand retro-reflective material, made in the USA by Orafol Americas (formerly Reflexite), the inventor of prismatic reflective tape.  Orafol is the market leader and premier manufacturer of reflective films and is the only company to use a patented single layer manufacturing process. This eliminates the delamination common with other brands.  When you purchase Oralite reflective material, you are buying the best.

Note: The color you choose in the dropdown will be for the Word Panels.  We recommend Lime & Red since it is proven to be the most seen and brightest in day-time and night-time tests. 

4x Word Panels- This kit contains four 6"x24" word panels that read "CAUTION", "HORSES", "STAY BACK", "200 FEET". These message panels go on the read of your vehicle. We recommend that "CAUTION" and "HORSES" go in the top corners of your trailer and "STAY BACK" and "200 FEET" go in the bottom corners.  These panels can be seen from up to a thousand feet away and be clearly read for hundreds of feet. Cuts through both fog and heavy rain.

2x SOLAS 4" Squares- Oralite SOLAS tape is the absolute brightest tape on the market and can be seen for thousands of feet. SOLAS stands for "Safety Of Life At Sea" and is a requirement for all sea vessels to have. These squares should go on the back of your trailer (though not near your reverse lights) as the first indicator for anyone coming up on you from behind. In addition this product will help to deter drivers from tailgating due to its extreme brightness. Cuts through both fog and heavy rain.

6x Amber SAE Reflectors- These reflectors are rounded 2.5" x 3" rectangles. The purpose of this product is for the inside of your doors (though they are also great for anywhere on the vehicle). The reflectors being on the inside of your door will provide safety while your doors are open. Having this extra level of safety is crucial if you ever have to unload your horses on the side of the road which is very dangerous. This is a Type 5 reflective film and it 10 times brighter than regular engineer grade.

20x DOT Strips- This kit comes with 20 Oralite V92 12" 6x6 strips. Many of the DOT tape or strips that you see on the road is falling apart or not all that bright. That is not the case with Oralite V92. These are top quality DOT strips and are some of the brightest on the market. These strips should go all the way around your trailer on the very bottom.

We also offer all these products individually on our website as well as other kits for horse trailers.