Reflective Chevron Diagonals V98 4" Tetrahedrons

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Reflective Chevron Diagonals DIY Oralite V98 Decal 4"

This product is a "Do It Yourself" kit to make your own chevron, rocker panel striping, or whatever you can think of with this shapes. The shapes are designed to be both left and right slants and included in the kit is a 4" and 2" spacer. We offer seven colors of Oralite V98 which is Red, Fluorescent Lime, Green, Blue, White, Fluorescent Orange, and Schoolbus Yellow. 

Oralite's V98 material is the best on the market due to constant upgrades and innovations done by the company. Thats how it has been constantly at the top for its life span, adhesion, and most importantly reflectivity. This is the brightest and best V98 tape on the market.

There is a video on YouTube to help with the application of this product. 

Our Reflective Chevron Panels are designed to both increase your daytime and nighttime visibility. This product can be seen about 1000 feet away when hit with direct light. Our company has been making chevron panels and reflective products for many years and were first to market with the custom chevron panel. These products have resulted in significant decreases in rear in collisions in companies big and small. In one case, a customer of ours averaged 2-3 rear in collisions a year resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and the injury of employees. After the application of our product, they were down to 0 for 3 years to date.