Reflective Chevron Rocker Panels & Pinstripe

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This product is an Oralite V98 prestriped rocker panel kit. Included in the kit are 6 rolls of tape: 2 rolls of 15 feet 1/2" left slant, 1 roll of 7 feet 1 4/5" left slant, 2 rolls of 15 feet 1/2" right slant, and 1 roll of 7 feet 1 4/5" right slant. This is a one size fits most DIY kit. You will receive more material than you need. As you apply, trim with scissors or an Exacto in the door jams and by the wheel wells to achieve a perfect look. 

This kit is a great compliment to matching reflective chevron panels. The goal of this product is to increase both night time and day time visibility for the side of your vehicles while also incorporating a cool design. Oralite V98 can be seen a thousand feet at nighttime from a pair of headlights. The V98 material is very forgiving and can be repositioned easily if the first application isn't perfectly straight. The average life span for this product is approximately 5 years when applied correctly. 

 Oralite (formerly Reflexlite) are the inventors of reflective prismatic tape and have been industry trendsetters ever since. You can trust us when we say that there is no better material out there for this product.

 Great for Utility, Work, or Personal Vehicles. 

 To apply first clean the surface of where you will be applying the product to then peel and stick. The product is very forgiving so you can reposition if needed and still have a very strong adhesive hold.