Reflective Cone Collars 18" 28" 36"

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Reflective Cone Collars 18" 28" 36" Slim DOT Hi-Intensity Prismatic Oralite Tape

Quantity 1= 1 Cone Collar 

We carry Oralite cone collars. Oralite is considered to be one of the best if not the best in the reflective film market due to its innovative products and quality. Rest assured that when you buy from ReflectivePro that you are only receiving the best.

Our Reflective Traffic Cone Collars / Sleeves ensure that your traffic cones will be seen at night. Sold in individual quantities. We carry the wrap around collars that are applied by peeling the backing off the material and wrapping it around the cone. The collars are curved so that when they are applied they create a level band around the cone. These are DOT APPROVED collars and exceed all reflectivity requirements. They meet ASTM D-4956  standards. They are cut from Hi-Intensity Prismatic Sheeting. The sheeting is reboundable meaning that it is flexible and will rebound when hit by a vehicle. Collars are available for 18", 28" standard, 28" Slim and 36" standard traffic cones. We carry the 4" and 6" collars. Most states require a 6" reflective collar and a 4" collar on each cone.

All cones vary so there may be slight differences in sizes but as long as your cone is close to the standard sizes the specified collar should work fine.