Reflective Motorcycle Pannier Decals 2"x14.5" V98 Oralite

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This product is sold in pairs of 2. If you purchase a quantity of 1 then you will receive 2 decals.

Comes in 7 different colors.

Our Oralite 2"x14.5" reflective chevron decals are the best on the market helping to both increase daytime and nighttime visibility. These decals are very reflective and at night can be seen from a thousand feet away when hit with a direct light source. We use an Oralite V98 film which has a lifespan of 7 years when applied correctly. 

To apply first make sure the surface of where you wish to apply is clean. Then carefully peel and stick. Oralite V98 is very forgivable allowing you to reposition the product if needed while still giving an incredible adhesion (the material will need to set overnight for the adhesive to gain a strong hold). You can trim the material very easily with an Exacto or scissors to achieve a perfect fit.

Great for multiple applications such as cars, ATVs, utility vehicles, public service vehicles, and much more.

The most popular application is for motorbikes.