REFLECTIVE or Regular Golf Cart Graphic Decals 2 Pairs of 2 Vinyl Decal Universal Fit- 5

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Large Decal is 5" Inches x 32" Inches
Small Decal is 3" Inches x 11" Inches

The reflective material used is Oralite 5650 Rapid Air or the Black and White. This is the highest quality reflective material used by police and emergency services. The other reflective colors are Nikkalite ELG which is a high quality Japanese film also used by many professionals. Both films are incredibly bright and can be seen for over 100 feet away drastically increasing the safety of you and your golf kart.

The vinyl used is Oracal 651 which is industry standard for car graphics.

Can be applied by yourself. Does not require a professional installer. There are hundreds of videos and articles on the internet to help

Comes transfer taped. Recommend applying with soapy water. Make sure the surface is clean before applying.