Reflective Shadow Chevron Black/White Panel

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Our Reflective Chevron Decal uses Oralite material which is world-renowned for its reflectivity and adhesion. The black/white color used on black/white vehicles blends into the vehicle so that it is not as flashy and bright as a traditional lime and red chevron panel though still drastically increases nighttime safety. When hit with a light source from behind, the product will emit a bright white color. This panel is made using top brand engineer grade which can be seen for hundreds of feet. This product will last you 7 years when applied correctly.

 Our products are one size fits most and can be trimmed down to your desired size.

 This decal is 4"x 64", 4"x 70", 6"x 64", or 6"x 70" and can easily be trimmed to fit your needs with a pair of scissors. 

 You may have seen these on the back of police cruisers. This product is the same if not better since we only use top of the line material. State Troopers usually use the 6"x 64" that wraps slightly around the bumper of their Dodge Charger.

 Great for law enforcement, utility, work, personal, or any other vehicle that wants to increase their safety.