"STAY BACK 200 FEET" 6"x24" Reflective Word Panel (Multiple Colors)

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"STAY BACK 200 FEET" 6"x 24" Reflective Word Panel

This product is an ultra reflective word panel made with Oralite Fluorescent Lime V98 and Red Orafol Overlay. The size is 6 inches by 24 inches which is great for the back of trucks or trailers. 
We offer this product in multiple different color combinations. Photos shown are of our Lime Panel with Red Words which is the best combination for daytime contrast as well as nighttime reflectibility. Another good combination is the White Panel with Red Words since it will better match your DOT Tape.

Can be seen for up to a thousand feet away and the Oralite V98 film is rated for 5 years.

Our company, Reflective Pro, offers many other word panels that may compliment this one as well as many reflective products in general.