"To Protect and Serve" 3"x26" Reflective Decal

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"To Protect and Serve" 3"x26" Reflective Decal

This listing is for our reflective "To Protect and Serve" decal. The size is 3 inches by 26 inches.

We use Oralite Black/White Rapid Air Type 1 ELG. This material is extremely bright and can be seen for up to a thousand feet. The material is rated to last 7 years. We have many other decals that compliment this on our store.

To apply, remove the transfer tape making sure to that the decal comes up off the backing and adhere to the surface. Squeegee the decal to the surface to make sure it sticks. Then slowly pull the transfer tape off making sure the decal stays adhered to the surface. If the decal comes up with the transfer tape then leave it on for a little longer and squeegee again.

NOTE: The black reflects a bright white.