Word Panel Horse Trailer Kit (Multiple Colors)

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This is an Oralite product. Oralite is one of the most respected manufacturers of reflective safety products in its field for its constant innovations and high standard of quality.

We offer this product in multiple different color combinations. Photos shown are of our Lime Panel with Red Words which is the best combination for daytime contrast as well as nighttime reflectibility. Another good combination is the White Panel with Red Words since it will better match your DOT Tape.

4x Word Panels- This kit contains four 6"x24" word panels that read "CAUTION", "HORSES", "STAY BACK", "200 FEET". These message panels go on the read of your vehicle. We recommend that "CAUTION" and "HORSES" go in the top corners of your trailer and "STAY BACK" and "200 FEET" go in the bottom corners.  These panels can be seen from up to a thousand feet away and be clearly read for hundreds of feet. Cuts through both fog and heavy rain.

We also offer all these products individually on our website as well as other kits for horse trailers.